Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life is in the middle way- logic is not!

To opine openly one shall not totally 100% support or negate any concept in this world!

But, whenever two people start arguing they totally defend or offend a subject vehemently in either extremity. I used to get surprise on seeing many debates and incessant arguments going on in media between learned people on many topics in the same way.

For instance take down the recent FDI foreign direct investment.

One side is supporting FDI and the other side is denying it.

That too 100% support or 100% negation without any doubt!  Possible?

Take an idea that how one can debate on supporting/denying a substance 'sugar' or 'salt' that is very much needed or say not at all needed. Many things like that whether it is animate or inanimate conceptual or imaginary are going to be in this world forever.

And can any one point out a substance/concept which is altogether that is 100% wasteful one or one which is never needed at all?

No. No one dare to say that.

So the arguments/debates I pray should not be "for" or "against" any such meaningless topics to kill our time.

Rather the debates should be focused on:

1. How much (measurable qty) is needed/viable now?
2. To whom/where it is needed?
3. How long it is needed?
4. Why it is needed now?
5. Precautionary measures if any?

Without addressing these basic 5 questions in details any debate/argument is futile and would be a logical stupidity in nature.

Let me come to the debate on FDI now. It is not a new concept to this world. It has already descended on many countries and is in practice. So the debate can/should be on:

1. How much percentage of foreign direct investment India can allow in retail business?
(here in my opinion FDI invest in retail should not be more than 25%. That is 75% our Indian contribution and 25% can be from outside. Now what centre is planned for 51% FDI from outside can be disastrous. Becuz you have given 51% hold to foreigners to boss over Indian people and economy. Right? Ok. Here, your opinion may be otherwise. Those grey area only to be argued)
2. On which sectors FDI is needed?
3. How long these FDI needed?
4. Why it is needed now?
5. Precautionary measures?

Without addressing in to/arguing on these 5 basic questions, any kind of 'yes' or 'no' debates on FDI via media are utterly foolish and meaningless.

This is just a sample on how any 2 groups of "learned people" sitting across the table go on beating around the bushes in the name of 'Hard talks' and 'sensational debates' only to arrive  "nowhere" ever !!

Senior Counseling Psychologist

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