Friday, February 5, 2010

Never go to Hell - Travel on Chennai Roads!

Tell me what that is upon which you most frequently and intensely travel, that to which in your hurrying hours, how badly you feel your pain...on the Indian deserted Roads! Be it roads or streets why that our Chennai/South India (road) ways are rough and rude? If you are traveling for more than 10 km per day, then you need not go to any hell for any reasons confined. Yet, they put and put "thar"roads, breaking every hills and mountains to pave ways...months and years by contracts. Patches! My goodness! It is indeed a cemeteries laid upon streets and roads to high jump your body and vehicles. Our Tamil Nadu Ministers should go around Bangalore/Hyderabad or any world cities or atleast to keenly watch the third-rated small countries and their road maintenance at once!

Blame not the Tails but Heads!

There is an infinite argument about people that they only have to turn good to reform any nation. It seems funny as to the tails only shall direct the heads! It is quite common to see any prosperous family with its wise and virtuous Head. And do we not know that any good organization is valued by its top CEOs and never by its employees? But when it comes to social reforms and national development, Leaders are never ready to take up their responsibilities. They simply wash out their hands and blame ignorant people and their tails! If one Gandhiji and his virtues could create an Independent India, why not a 'prosperous India' with our thousands of present leaders?

Decaying Two-Wheelers in Rly Parking Areas!

Indian Railway authorities leaving tender and deploy contractors to take care of the two wheelers in the Rly. parking area. But 90% of the Rly. parking areas have no shelter and no firm grounds to put even the center-stand or side-stand either. All parking areas seem like junkyard with full of dust and pollutions flying everywhere. Just go and watch yourself the Chennai Central Railway Station Two wheeler parking area and know the truth. Thousands of brand new two wheelers...decaying like rotten apples everyday! Is Railway opt to serve for millions and billions of Rly passengers of India or for the mere welfare of few petty-minded parking contractors?


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5th Feb 2010